Kid Moxie - 29/3 - ATH

Kid Moxie , το διεθνές μουσικό project της Elena Charbila, frontwoman και μπασίστριας του project για μια μοναδική συναυλία στην Αθήνα , στη σκηνή του Death Disco. Το live show της Kid ειναι μια εμπειρία τόσο ακουστική όσο και οπτική καθώς τη συναυλία θα συνοδεύει και οπτικό υλικό Ελλήνων αλλά και ξένων σκηνοθετών όπως μεταξύ άλλων η κολλεκτίβα του David Lynch Foundation.

"She's back: still synthy, still mysterious." - Noisey
"John Carpenter-esque synthesizers as the foundation for icy pop songs with a hint of new wave." - Entertainment Weekly

~Τη συναυλία ανοίγουν οι Someone Who Isn't Me

~Οι πόρτες ανοίγουν στις 21:30

~Είσοδος 7 ευρώ

-Death Disco-
Ωγύγου 16 & Λεπενιώτου 24, Ψυρρή

Χορηγός επικοινωνίας : Home Radio 89.1

Πληροφορίες :

These special ladies of electronica unite for one night only!

Kid Moxie is the musical moniker of Greek born Elena Charbila, bass play-ing singer and actress based in Los Angeles. Kid Moxie’s second full length album, titled “1888”, featured collaborations with artists such L.A producer and dj The Gaslamp Killer and Twin Peaks legendary composer Angelo Badalamenti with whom she worked on a new version of‘Mysteries Of Love’ which he co-wrote with David Lynchand had been originally recorded with Julee Cruise. “1888” received sub-stantial international press coverageby some of the world’s top outlets like Vogue, Entertainment Weekly, Noisey, Stereogum and many more. Her newest release titled “Perfect Shadow” (West One Music Group), also features collaborationswith The Gaslamp Killer and remixes by As-tronautica (Alpha Pup Records) and European electropop sensation Marsheaux amongst others. Perfect Shadow is a blend of powerful beats and pop sweetness punctuated by haunting, John Carpenter-esque melo-dies that give her music a cinematic edge. Kid Moxie has had her music featured on hit TV shows,multiple independ-ent movies, and car commercial campaigns, while her songs are played byradio stations internationally.


Someone Who Isn't Me (aka S.W.I.M.) is a new music project by three women in Athens, Loo, Maria & Gina.
They love analogue sounds and toy synths, chaotic guitars and fake strings, female vocals and off-beat rhythms.
There first 7inch "Stop & Remember" is released by Inner Ear Records.
In 2017, they played their first live gig at the Winter Plissken Festival in Athens, before heading to Austin as a showcase artist at the SXSW.

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