Penelope is one of the first DJs in Greece specializing in Swing Jazz music and the sounds of the first half of the previous century. 
Being already familiar with Jazz, she started Lindy Hop dance in 2007. 
Her passion for this era drove her deeper into traditional Jazz and she began to discover and share the world of Afro-American music. 
She is frequently organizing theme events and successfully creates the unique atmosphere of past decades by combining videos and music and using her vinyl and shellac records. 
She has performed in many big events and festivals around Greece and Europe as the official Dj of Lindy Hop Greece. 
Also, she’s never missed a single year from the lineup of “Swing ‘n’ Swim International Dance Festival” (Chalkidiki, Greece) for the last 9 years! 
From March 2011 till April 2016 she was producing and presenting her own live radio show called “Take the A train” at a radio station in Thessaloniki. 

Listen pENELOPE' s mixtape for Octopus Garden on Mixcloud:


Octopus Garden, inspired by the famous song by the Beatles, is a startup based in Thessaloniki (Greece)
and founded by a group of Berlin’s well-known cultural and creative scene leaders.
OG aims to support the cultural and economic exchange with Berlin and to capture the potential of this Greek port city: its liveliness and its openness,
of which it holds a lot in common with Berlin.

Our project, ‘Sounds Like Thessaloniki', aims to present the current musical vibe,
trends and activity in Thessaloniki through collectives, groups, individual artists and DJs who are active in the city’s music scene,
each representing a different philosophy and covering a wide range of music styles and activities.

More info about OG's team and projects:

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